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Authentic Cotton Kenya Kikoi Check out our beanbags - Pods by Shukamania We provide high quality products.

Beanbags by Shukamania

Beanbags by Shukamania

Our bags of cloud come in different shapes and sizes to suit your different chilling needs.

Choose from our classic Large Pod that are big enough to share but perfect for one.  Available in the classic beanbag shape of a ball. 

Alternatively, explore the Transformer Range of Pods and choose either the Queen of Pods, the Lounger or the Medium Pod.

The three Pods share the same inner but the pod takes the shape of the Pod cover used (think of it as a pillow and pillowcase ).

Fit the inner in a Lounger Pod cover and enjoy lounging on a cloud. Fit the same inner in a Queen Pod and the Queen of Pods will wrap you in pure bliss.

The Medium Pod is your classic pod for smaller spaces. It sits high and narrow when sitting up straight or low and wide when its put on its side.

Experience the true comfort of a Beanbag, enjoy “Sitting on a Cloud”

Large Pod

Medium Pod

Queen Pod

Lounger Pod

Pod Covers


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