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Authentic Cotton Kenya Kikoi Check out our beanbags - Pods by Shukamania We provide high quality products.


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  • Sale!

    Large Pod

    R3,000.00 R3,800.00

    Drop into this bag of cloud and enjoy the soft cocoon of the Large Pod.

    Big enough for two but perfect for one, the Large Pod is our classic beanbag and
    only comes in the classic ball shape

    Experience the comfort of a well-crafted beanbag.

    Experience sitting on a cloud

  • 2528

    Lounger Pod


    Crafted as a recliner, the Lounger Pod is meant for just that – lounging.

    This pod offers great back support and with a length of 1.6 m, the Lounger Pod
    lets you lounge with your legs stretched out.

    It is perfect for reading, playing games or just chilling

    Try and picture yourself lounging on a cloud!

  • Sale! medium pod by Shukamania

    Medium Pod

    R2,800.00 R3,500.00

    If you like the classic beanbag shape but space is an issue then the versatile Medium
    Pod is for you. This is your classic pod for smaller spaces.

    Choose how you want to experience sitting on a cloud; sit high and narrow when
    the pod is standing straight or low and wide when its flat on its side.

    Experience sitting on a cloud your way

  • 2524

    Pod Covers


    We use broad striped upholstery corduroy for our Pod covers. With a rub
    count of 30,000, you have a long way before the covers show any form of

    Feel free to style up or transform your Pod with extra covers

    Please contact us when you require extra covers


  • 2529

    Queen Pod


    The Queen Pod is our unique Pod designed to keep you floating in a cloud of bliss.

    Share it flat as a day bed or lean it up against a wall and sit comfortably with back support.

    Our favorite position is definitely the boat style; just stand the Pod on its longer side
    and drop into an unbelievably comfortable hug in a cloud.


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